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Hi. My name is Melody, and I’ve compiled a shit-ton of information on how to launch and grow your blog over the past several years. It’s what I do late at night when everyone else has gone to sleep. In other words…

Blogging is what I get nerdy about.

Melody Notes is my baby. It’s what I’ve learned about growing a blog from having been in the trenches of blogging myself, to things I’ve learned from top entrepreneurs and bloggers, to what I’ve learned by just throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks.

I’ve ranked #1 on Google, I’ve had posts go viral, I’ve been featured on top blogs and podcasts. AND, I do it all from my yacht (scroll down for more on that!).

And now, I want to show you how to do the same. Minus the yacht, of course.

Blog your way to freedom.

Ok, ok, yacht’s a bit of a stretch. I’m coming to you from a sailboat, which can technically be called a yacht since ours is 35′ long, but I don’t want anyone getting the wrong impression.

I’m not that kind of girl. A “yachtie,” that is.

I’m more of a free-spirited blogger nerd. A little bit hippy, a little bit girly, a whole lotta nerdy. I also drop the occasional f-bomb, so if you’re easily offended, you’ve been warned.

You see, many revolutions around the sun ago, after studying audio engineering in Nashville and doing some freelance social media/PR work for recording artists, I wound up in a cubicle working for a marketing company, and I. was. miserable.

One day my boyfriend (now husband) threw out the idea of moving onto a sailboat and traveling around. I told him he was insane, and that was that.

But one night, after many months of soul-searching and research, and probably after a shot or two of tequila, I said, “Okay.”

Yes, I got rid of almost everything I owned (including over 50 gorgeous pairs of shoes), moved onto a sailboat, and I’ve been blogging and making side income online while traveling on our boat ever since.

Now I want to help you turn your blog into badass businesses, so you can live your dream life. I’ll be doing this through blog posts, free guides, books, and online courses. That way, you get to learn from a straight-shooter who’s been-there-done-that, and I get to continue to live this lifestyle (which. is. awesome.) It’s a win-win!

Sign up for my email updates (so you don’t miss any of the good stuff), and reach out to me via email or my social channels. Comment on my posts so I know what you like and want more of.

Here’s to your success.



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